Typo Fun ~ Washington Natinals ~ “Thou shalt commit adultery”



Dull men like to proofread. The payoff? — the joy of finding a typo.

On dullmen.com, we put in typos from time to time. Our readers like to find them and tell us about their discoveries. We reward them with T-shirts or caps. 

I like an article mentioned today in DIA BLOG, Denver International Airport’s blog. The article, from Mental Floss, is “7 Interesting Typo Tales”:


It is a list of typos with serious real-world consequences, including a $224 million banking error, a coding flub that cut off phone service for 12 million customers, and a biblical typo that inadvertently turned a commandment upside-down.

The article starts off with the new jerseys for the baseball team, the Washingtion Natinals. (Further damage to New Jersey’s reputation?)

Number 1 on the list that follows that is about the 7th commandment, “Thou shalt commit adultery.”

Number 7 is how Google got is name. Haven’t you always wondered about that?


In a brainstorming session they were searching for “googolplex” . . . made a typo . . . the rest is history.


One Response to “Typo Fun ~ Washington Natinals ~ “Thou shalt commit adultery””

  1. thewhiteness Says:

    Love proof-reading. In particular, love DMC & dullog proof-reading. My favourite.

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