Airport luggage carousel reports from Ireland and Crete


Dear DMC [from May 26],

Two things:

1 Over a week ago I emailed you, using this online form, with news of a new airport and its baggage carousel – Kerry Airport in Republic of Ireland. This information has still not been added. Can this please be actioned?

2 My colleague, Mr Kevyn Burns, has just texted me this morning from yet another new airport, Chania in Crete, where he as just arrived for a quiet relaxing holiday. He tells me that Chania indeed has one carousel and this rotates in an anti-clockwise fashion. 

Once again, I trust that this new entry can be added to the list as soon as possible.

Best wishes

Peter and Kevyn

South Yorkshire


Dear Peter and Kevyn

Our apologies. We got so excited to receive these reports from you that we had to sit down to recover. We finally were able to get up and are posting your email on Dullog now.

We hope to get the information on our Airport Luggage Crousel page in the not too distant future.

Best wishes and happy travels,



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