Bernard’s call for faucet consistency — regulation needed



Dear DMC,

This guy is pretty dull, but also really funny:

I thought y’all might enjoy it.

Austin, Texas


Dear Steve,

This is great. I did indeed enjoy it. I watched it three times. I expect other members will enjoy it as well.

I support Bernard’s call for faucet consistency. As I live most of the year in the U.K., I am particularly aware of this need. The separate taps in the U.K., pictured above, are annoying. As far as I can figure out, the reason the Brits use separate taps is because the French use a mixed tap, like in the U.S.

Churchill discovered a marvel of modern technology: hot and cold water flowing from the same faucet when visting Stalin in 1942. Read about this here:

Sincerely (dull me are always sincere, mostly),



One Response to “Bernard’s call for faucet consistency — regulation needed”

  1. William Says:

    I note this article with interest. One thing I would suggest, though, is that there should be a push for consistency not just with regards to the manufacture/installation of the taps themselves, but with regards to their naming, which can be confusing. The ‘faucet’/’tap’ debate is an interesting one – personally, I use the term ‘tap’, but would be willing to amend my lexicon if in conversation with an American ‘faucet’-user.

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