Ramen Noodle Museum, Yokohama



Dear Grover,

As a fellow dull man, I’ll admit to having felt a moderate sense of excitement when I first came across your website. I particularly enjoy the cartoons – stylistically, they are very reassuring, with none of the unreality that is common to so many of the comic strips you would find in the newspaper (Fred Basset being an honourable exception). Strips like the Wizard of Id arouse a certain degree of anxiety with their inconsistent representations of characters – in some instances both eyes even appear to be on the same side of the face. So, congratulations on that front.

The primary reason for my correspondence, though, is to suggest an addition to the ‘Museums’ section – the Ramen Noodle Museum in Yokohama, Japan. Now, for dull men Japan is not most suitable of destinations, but if you do find yourself there I strongly suggest that you visit this museum, which  displays a variety of noodles, soups, toppings and bowls used across Japan, and delves deep into Japanese noodle history. The public transport in Yokohama is also punctual and efficient, and not as overwhelming as that in Tokyo itself. Dull men would do well to avoid riding on the Shinkansen (bullet train), though.


William Skinner



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