Winners announced — World Ploughing Champions


World Ploughing Results

Click here to read an interesting news report about the
championships, which were held this year in Slovenia

The news report has a fascinating video to watch — stunning footage of ploughing. Also the ploughmen socializing — exchanging views about best soil and weather conditions for good ploughing. And entertainment — music and dancing.

Winner of Convential Ploughing: Werner Eider from Austria. “Marvelous, all the way to the end. Everything was running perfectly for me to the end,” Werner said.

Winner of Reversible Ploughing: Roel Cuyvers from Belgium. “I do it for 30 years in my country, in Belgium. And I do it as a hobby,” Roel said.

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to read about more safe excitement]


One Response to “Winners announced — World Ploughing Champions”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Grover,

    I am interested in competitive ploughing. Can you highlight the winner in your picture?


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