Bus Stops — Lapland versus Algarve


Lapland Bustop

Webcams & Palpitations

Dear Sir,

If I were any more excitable, I could well have had palpitations watching the Algarve bus stop webcam. My usual haunt, for some years, has been this far more sedate bus stop webcam in Lapland:


To back this up as the true dull man’s webcam:

•  The population density of Portugal is 108,8 people per km2.

•  The population density of Lapland is less than 2 people per km2.

That equals to just one complete

•  The particular place in Lapland has very little light in the winter, so mostly you wouldn’t see anything, even if there was something to see.

•  I saw people, cars and houses in the Algarve camera. Not much chance of any of that in the Lappish one. Trees provide very little excitement on camera.


Yours beigely,

Juha Nikki


Dear Juha,

Thanks for this wonderful email, the stunning picture of your bus stop, and the through analysis of watching bus stop webcams in Lapland compared to Portugal.

A dull man’s dream trip would be to visit bus stops in Finland, esprcially in winter.

Your grayly,


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