German election—dull—and no one is complaining



Germany’s dull elections” is the headline in one of the news reports. “Viewers avoid ‘dull’ election TV debate in Germany” is the headline in another report.

A New York Times op ed column, “The Miracle of Dullness,” spawned over two dozen  comments, such as:

  • “I live in one of those neighboring countries where German dullness is very much appreciated.” We got more than enough of their excitement from 1848 to 1945.”
  • “The Chinese expression ‘May you live in interesting times” is, I’ve heard, actually a curse.”
  • “Better a dull election than an 18-month-long national circus where candidates and media need to force-feed bad info to its citizens to encourage the to vote (often without a comprehensive understanding of the issues).
  • “Reading this piece I felt envious of the Germans moving right along, putting one foot in front of the other pretty much unchanged sine the lasts election.”
  • “Perhaps if all nations were a little more boring the world would be a better place.”
  • “I long for the less stirring days of Gerald Ford who is best remembered, as in Chevy Chase’s caricature on Saturday NIght Live, as being unremarkable. But therein lies Ford’s accomplishment: we we were at place. May we all one day live in an era when great leaders are no longer required.”


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