Interesting most boring man in world



Click here to read about this in a British Council newsletter

Caution: there are exclamation marks in this newsletter

Thierry Boyle thought he was interesting because of his stamp collection and job. He was an accountant. He enjoyed spending his workday looking at spreadsheets and moving the numbers abound. What could be more interesting than that he wondered?

Yet Thierry was unhappy because people thought he was boring. At this point it should be noted that Terry could have found the answer to his woes by joining the DMC. We are a two-step program: (1)  we admit we are dull, (2) keeping it that way.

But Thierry sought help elsewhere. First he tried to get publicity for having the biggest stamp collection. The local newspaper pointed to him out that the Queen’s was bigger.

Then he tried to say he was the best accountant. When he would explain why this was the case, people would fall asleep.

When one of them woke up, he told Thierry, “You probably are the most boring man in the world.”  That gave Thierry the answer he needed. He phoned the local newspaper again and told them he was the most boring man in the world. “Now that’s interesting,” said the newspaper. It ran a big article about this. The article was picked up by BBC and CNN. Therry is getting the fame he wanted.


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