October 30: Checklists Day



A day sponsored by checklists.com to recognize the value of checklists “to avoid disappointments and tragedies, take advantage of opportunities, a great way to take are of things so you’ll have peace of mind.”

I like to use checklists to get that peace of mind and to get things done. Once I get it on the checklist, I know it will get done, eventually. I no longer worry about it.

The website says the first well-known checklist was inspired by a tragic mishap on October 30, 1935. A Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress crashed during takeoff at Wright Field in Dayton, Ohio due to a gust lock that was still engaged.


In “lessons learned” sessions afterwards, pilots came up with checklists for takeoffs, flights, pre-landings, and post-landings.


After that, Flying Fortresses flew 1.8 million miles. There were no further mishaps.


For more about checklists, go to The World’s Largest Collection of Found Grocery Lists and also to a Collection of Abandoned Shopping and Grocery Lists


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