November is Pomegranate Month



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Pomegranates can be fun. Preparing them for eating can be safe excitement. Simply cut them open — into quarter sections or even smaller sections. Hold a section in your hand, seeds up, bend the skin backwards. Watch the seeds pop out.

Tip: to keep the red juice from squirting all over your kitchen — to avoid your kitchen looking like a murder scene — do this under water. Put the sections of the pomegranate in a bowl of warm water. Let them soak for a few minutes. Then do the seed popping underwater. No juice will be flying around your kitchen.



2 Responses to “November is Pomegranate Month”

  1. Hulbert (Burt) Lœser Says:

    Do I have to use WARM water?

    • Grover Click Says:

      I think warm water works best. I think warm water causes the pomegranate seeds to separate more smoothly than cold water. But experiment. That’s one of the fun things to do with pomegranates. Try both warm water and cold water. Report the results to us. I am certain our readers will appreciate this. This experiment could be a good activity for a Dull Men’s Club meeting.

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