November 9-15: Split Pea Soup Week



Click here to read about this big week for
pea soup connoisseurs [but be warned:
exclamation points are used on the website]

Split Pea Soup around the world: many countries have split pea soup along with interesting names for it. In France it’s “Faubonne.” In Hungary “Sargaboroleves.” In England “London Particular.”

Our favorite comes from the Netherlands. It’s called “Snert” there.

Split Pea Soup

Why “split”? Peas, which are round to begin with, split once they are harvested and dried. When the skin is removed, a natural split in the peas appears. The pea is separated. Split peas cook faster than non-split peas.

Split peas come in green and yellow.


Green Split Peas


Yellow Split Peas

[Go to to read more
about ordinary things like this to enjoy]


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