New lease on life from Pembroke Dull Men’s Club


Dear Mr. Click,

My name is Mary Collins, the eldest daughter of Joseph Collins. My father resides in a small town south of Boston, Massachusetts. A number of years ago, at the request of the director of his local Council on Aging, he began a Men’s Club. In getting ideas on how to gather Men over the age of 65 together without the promise of beer or cards, he came upon your website. It spurned him on to create the Pembroke Council on Aging’s Dull Men’s Club. Over the years the Club has grown…over twenty weekly attendees. These men support and encourage each other through the trials and tribulations as well as the celebrations of life…the biggest supporter being my father. At seventy-five he worked twenty hours a week at the Council and volunteered twenty a week. Wednesdays were his favorite as that was the day his Dull Men got together.

Unfortunately, my father was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer…very fast moving and beyond treatment. It has come on so suddenly and currently has left him unable to attend his weekly meetings. I see the sadness that has caused, but along with that sadness, I recognize the importance of that day years ago when he found your group’s website. It gave him a new lease on life after the death of my mother and enabled him to meet some wonderful men who have become wonderful friends.

So, long story short…as they say, I guess I just wanted to express my thanks to you and your organization for inspiring a good man to reach out to others and in the reaching to enhance his life.


Mary P. Collins,


Readers who would like to send emails of encouragement to Joe — your emails will reach him if you send them to Mary at


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