Television Curling (the national sport of Canada)


Television curling, the national sport of Canada:

Ed Leber
Salem, Oregon


2 Responses to “Television Curling (the national sport of Canada)”

  1. Jeff Chang Says:

    Actually, the official national sport of Canada, as declared by Parliament, is lacrosse, a very fast, hard-hitting, and potentially violent sport — too exciting for the DMC. It would take a dull man to know that, huh? Or should I say “eh?”

    Actually, there can be a lot of yelling and excitement in curling. The last rock of the tenth end, hurtling down the sheet, taking two out of the house, and landing right on the button, well… it gets your heart racing. Be careful, dull men.

    While I’m thinking about it, is the dullness standard for Canadians higher or lower than for Americans? How dull do Canadians have to be?

    Jeff in Calgary

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