“The Breach,” a debut thriller by Patrick Lee


From time to time I like to see how other people — people who are not dull — live their lives. Recently I did this by reading a new thriller I’d heard about. The Breach by Patrick Lee from HarperCollins. I heard it was full of action that ratchets up and up. And full of surprises.

I am glad I read The Breach. This is the case even though it had far too much action for me. I couldn’t put  the book down. I prefer books I can put down. (Dictionaries are my favorites — words set out in order, not all jumbled up like in a novel.)

And too full of surprises. I try to avoid surprises. I like predictability.

After finishing The Breach, I enjoyed more than ever retreating to the comfort, predictability, and ordinariness of http://www.dullmen.com.

To read excerpts from The Breach, click here.

To view a trailer about The Breach, click here.

To order at Amazon, click here.

If you are one of us dull men, you’ll probably want to order this book so you enjoy the same feeling — gratitude — I had. If you are not a dull man, then this is the book for you.


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