Schokland Museum — a museum of gravel


Dear DMC,

We have in the Netherlands a museam called the ‘Schokland museum’. It’s about a place that used to be an island, but has been surrounded by land since they made the first polder in the inland sea in the NL. Inside you can see nothing but gravel rocks that where found when the water receeded.

To make sure nobody can have any excitement there, they even refrained from having a coffee-machine. The surroudings are huge stretches of farmland, so the view from the island still feels like you are in the middle of nowhere.

Thought you would like to know. If in NL, do not forget to visit this place to maximise your dull vacation.

Best regards

Bart Mudde



This is great. Thanks.

We have posted it on our Dullog. Do we have the right picture up there for the museum? Do you know of a website that has a good description of what’s in the museum, perhaps pictures of the gravel? We will put it in the Collections & Museums section of our website. What category for it? Gravel?

We indicated your location is The Netherlands. Is there a town we can indicate also?

In appreciation for your contribution to our website, we would like to give you one of our caps or any other item in our gift shop. What would you like? I am in the U.S. now, will be back in the U.K. end of next week. I can post it to you from the U.K. then.




Hi Grover,

I live in Almere, just 25 km from Amsterdam, where  I lived almost all my life. I moved there  few years ago, because in Almere there are no distractions, no nightlife (not even daylife), nothing to do and nowhere to go. Unlike Amsterdam, it is a dead town. Just the way I like it.

The site for the museum is ‘ I must admit they make it look like quite something, the designer is obviously a pro.

The picture I add to this message is from this site and gives a good idea of what can be seen: gravel and some broken pottery. It also indicates the vast emptiness within (as without) the walls of the museum. When I stumbled on it, there was nobody around for miles, not even a keeper or a janitor. And that was in late July, on a beautiful and warm day, at the height of the tourist and vacation season in this country. Because I am a very dull man, I did appreciate the utter stillness.

I think the category ‘gravel’ is good, maybe ‘dumb rocks’ will also do.

I am really grateful for the offer of a gift, but I have not had a present in years, and the excitement of getting one might kill me. And I hear death is even duller than life, so I don’t want to go that way just yet. So if you don’t mind, don’t send me anything, please?

Thanks and best regards



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