UK general election debates — exciting? or dull?


Dear DMC

You may have noticed that we are soon to have a general election in Britain. I make no comment about the dullness of the process in general; nor about that of the leading contenders.

One curiosity is that the media here have decided that the contest is “exciting” – but only because there is a good chance that it might end in a draw, like so many of our sporting events. This is very British.

Steve Reszetniak


Dear Steve,

You might be right. There are some in the press that agree with you:

“Historic UK PM debate, a terrifuyingluy dull affair”:

“Public affairs experts have branded the first debate in British electorial history ‘dull’ and ‘disapointing'”:

I’m looking forward to the second debate, which will be tonight, as I expect it to be a nice way to fall asleep.




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