Al Gore about to lose honorary DMC membership?


Rumors are mounting that the real reason behind Al and Tipper’s separation is the lady on the left, Laurie David. Click here to read one of the stories, here for another one, and here for a third one.

There are also the reports — like “Al Gore: big lummox or crazed sex poodle?” in The Washington Post — about the 54-year-old massage therapist in Seattle. “Get off me, you big lummox [exclamation point removed],” Grandma said.

Al Gore was Dull Man of the Year a few in 2000 and was voted in as an Honorary Member of the DMC. We might need to reconsider this once more information emerges.

Al Gore is following in the steps of John Major, former UK PM. John Major too was an Honorary Member of the DMC. When his four-year affair with Edwina Curie came to light, however, he was expelled.

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