Dear DMC,

Like a typical Dull Man, I slept through an important event. In this case, the event was CAPS LOCK DAY (AKA BILLY MAYS DAY), on June 28. On that day, people commemorate the career of television pitch man Billy Mays, who was energetic but dull anyway. The most prevalent activity is typing in all caps. Perhaps this event should show up on DMC’s calendar, blog, whatever, for future reference.

Bill Paxon
Sacramento, California

— — —

Dear Bill,

Not to worry. It’s coming up again in October.

I see that it’s celebrated twice a year, June 28 and October 22:


Celebrating twice a year might be too much for us dull men. Let’s see how we cope with it for a year or so.

Thanks for pointing out this event. We’ll put it on our calendars for June and October.

I should add, however, that I’m not quite sure what the point of the day is. What is it celebrating? That using ALL CAPS is OK? I rather like to type using both upper and lower case. Moving from upper down to lower case and then back up is mildly exciting for me.

Text is easier to read, most people say, to read when it uses both upper and lower case.

There is a place for ALL CAPS, however. It’s when EMPHASIS is needed. This is another reason for using upper/lower case. When ALL CAPS is used throughout, using ALL CAPS for EMPHASISING would not be possible.

This is a good topic for Dull Men’s Club meetings.

Sincerely (dull men are always sincere, mostly),

Chappell, Nebraska


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