Owls and Owl Man happy again—ban a false alarm


Further to our blog entry about Russel Burt’s walking his owls [click here], the Plymouth City Council has now explained that they were only having “an informal chat” with Mr. Burt and that they do “not think he was breaking any type of law by taking his owl for a walk.”

Mr. Burt then said, “I am very pleased. I will start walking my owls to the park again on Monday. it is fine for the Council to give advice but I think I know more about the welfare of my owls than the Council’s Dog Warden does.”

Comments on the follow up news have been: “Good result. Anything else would hae been an ‘owling disgrace.’ As it is though, it’s a bit of a hoot.” “It is commendable to see that common sense has prevailed.” “Owls well that ends well.”

Click here to read a news bulletin from the Council about this brouhaha.


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