Watching Cement Mixing in Hampshire


Last Sunday, on the way to a birthday party in Andover, I stopped by the relocated model live steam train layout south of The Hampshire Golf Court, on the north side of A3420 that runs to Wherwell. They were building more roadbed out in the woods. They were making cement using the mixer shown above. I watched them put cement, water, and gravel into the mixer, then turn on the mixer. I enjoyed watching the cement mixing.

Below is a picture of their turntable. No trains were running that day due to the work they were doing.

I like not only to watch cement mixing. If  I have the time, I like to watch the cement set.

If you would like to enjoy cement, you can click here to get to the posting about cement on the Safe Excitement section of our website. Especially enjoyable is to use the link to the sound track of a Jaeger Tilting Mixer mixing — great rhythm.

Button Down, Hampshire


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