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Airport Carousel Reports from Angola and Haiti

August 1, 2010


Important updates for your airport luggage carousel listing:

Luanda, ANGOLA (4 de Fevreiro Airport): Counterclockwise in a serpentine fashion

Port-au-Prince, HAITI (Toussaint L’Ouverture Airport): Currently, no luggage carousels available. Luggage is piled inside a large warehouse which is currently serving as the arrivals terminal while the airport undergoes post-earthquake repairs.

Brandon Doyle
Port-au-Prince, Haiti


Newquay Airport — Luggage Carousel Report

July 18, 2010

Hi there,

After visiting Newquay airport (UK), I can cornfirm that the carouself moves two feet clockwise before moving two feet counter-clockwise. I presume this was a result of a malfunction but I can’t be too sure.

Dean Pascoe

Tirana Albania — Airport Luggage Carousel Report

June 24, 2010

Dear DMC

I recently spent a week in Tirana, Albania – a very pleasant place, largely unencumbered by excitement. I noted that the carousel at Rinas airport goes clockwise.

Dull men who have occasion to spend time at Rinas airport should try the money-changing booth for an old-fashioned dull experience. (Unlike the ATMs there, it does at least deliver money.)

Steve Reszetniak

Conveyor Belts from China

May 27, 2010

Dear Sir,

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The Testing laboratory ensures that before production commences all raw materials are checked for conformity to specification. All conveyor belts are checked and controlled during the production process. Tests are also carried out on all belting during the production in order to comply with our strict quality control measures. This ensures our clients receive constant high quality products.

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Best regards

Int’l Trade Dept: Brandon
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Airport Carousel Report: Wilmington NC

May 24, 2010

Dear DMC

Wilmington, NC: USA. Counter-clockwise.

Scott Dicus

Safe Excitement in Dublin

May 14, 2010

May 12-14 I visited Dublin. Had a great time. Here are highlights:

Watching luggage arrive at the Dublin airport (DUB). Happiness when traveling is your luggage arriving.

We see here the luggage carousel is moving clockwise. The information on our airport luggage carousel report for DUB, which presently says its carousels rotate counterclockwise, needs to be amended. The earlier report apparently was wrong. Trust but verify.


Stunning park benches in St. Stephen’s Green


When leaving Dublin, at DUB heading to the plane, I passed “The Buff Shop” where I not only enjoyed watching shoe shining, I also smiled at the fine example of Irish wit

Airport Carousel Report—Casablanca Mohamed V Airport

April 11, 2010

Dear DMC,

Luggage carousel at Mohammed V Casablanca airport is counterclockwise.

Carlos Cruz
Warsaw, Poland


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Poitiers France—Airport Luggage Carousel Report

April 5, 2010

Dear DMC,

Not currently listed. Poitiers Airport, France – one carousel, anti-clockwise.

Thank you.

Kevyn Burns
Sheffield, UK

Samara Russia — Airport Luggage Carousel Report

April 3, 2010

Dear DMC,

Russia — Samara


Martin Hyndman

Airport luggage carousel report from Mumbai

March 27, 2010

Hi there,

I am Abishek Mithun from India.

About Airport Luggage Carousels in Mumbai (India)

Mumbai Domestic Airport – Counter Clockwise

Mumbai International Airport – Clockwise


Abishek Mithun