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August 16: Exhibit that Celebrated the Ordinary

August 16, 2010

Zeb Spaw’s angry_with_britain exhibition. Tonight only. 6:30-8:30 p.m. The Gallery in Cork Street. 27 Cork Street, London, W1S 3NG.

The exhibition is in connection with the launch of Wendy Holden’s new book, a comedy titled Gallery Girl. Holden’s website reports that Gallery Girl is “about the loot, the lust and the giant egos in the chucklesome world of contemporary art.

Click here for the brochure from the exhibit. We see several ordinary objects, objects we are pleased to see being celebrated in an exhibition like this.

Spray paint on shopping trolley

“The sun rises, we shop…”

Spanner and oil on canvas

“I looked into myself and saw endless empty space…”

Gardening gloves, limpets and oil on canvas

“A lot of my work brings out my Christ-like
tendencies and this one is no exception…”

Y-fronts on canvas

“Art is pants and that is what I am saying in this work…”


Behind the Clang on New York Basketball Courts

June 1, 2010

There’s an interesting aritcle “Handmade Hoops Put Clang Into New York Courts” in The New York Times, Sunday May 30.

The rims are handmade by NYC’s blacksmith shop. The rims are not all the same. “There are minor differences,” said the blacksmith John Fitzgerald who is in charge of making the rims. “It’s like no snowflakes are exactly the same.”

Keith Richards — a dull man?

April 8, 2010

Dear DMC

Here is an early and unexpected nomination for Dull Man of the Year


Steve Reszetniak

Guilt from buying luxury goods?

December 23, 2009

Christmas shopping getting you down? Are you wondering who needs all the high-priced stuff being advertised? Click here to read a Reuters article about guilt-inducing indulgences. Dull men are spared this problem. They buy only practical things. And pride themselves on getting bargains.

Darwin Awards: removal from gene pool

November 3, 2009


We have never seen a dull man winning this award. Dull men stay in the gene pool. This means that, relatively speaking, our numbers will be increasing.

To read the announcement of the 2009 winners, click here.

Even the Queen tries to enjoy the ordinary from time to time

October 22, 2009


Reuters reports an ordinary night out, relatively speaking, by the Queen. An incognito trip to London’s West End to see “War Horse,” a play about WWI.

An aide said, when commenting that the Queen does this regularly, “It allows her to live a bit more of a normal life.” A normal life like us in the DMC? Not quite, but at least it’s in the same direction.

Interesting most boring man in world

October 17, 2009


Click here to read about this in a British Council newsletter

Caution: there are exclamation marks in this newsletter

Thierry Boyle thought he was interesting because of his stamp collection and job. He was an accountant. He enjoyed spending his workday looking at spreadsheets and moving the numbers abound. What could be more interesting than that he wondered?

Yet Thierry was unhappy because people thought he was boring. At this point it should be noted that Terry could have found the answer to his woes by joining the DMC. We are a two-step program: (1)  we admit we are dull, (2) keeping it that way.

But Thierry sought help elsewhere. First he tried to get publicity for having the biggest stamp collection. The local newspaper pointed to him out that the Queen’s was bigger.

Then he tried to say he was the best accountant. When he would explain why this was the case, people would fall asleep.

When one of them woke up, he told Thierry, “You probably are the most boring man in the world.”  That gave Thierry the answer he needed. He phoned the local newspaper again and told them he was the most boring man in the world. “Now that’s interesting,” said the newspaper. It ran a big article about this. The article was picked up by BBC and CNN. Therry is getting the fame he wanted.

Indexers, Society of — Sept 11-13 Conference

September 11, 2009

Society of Indexers Conf

Click here for information about this highly informative and exciting conference, which will be held in York this year


The Wheatley Medal

The winner of  Wheatley Medal for 2009 will announced at the conference. The medal is awarded each year for an outstanding index published in the U.K. Indexes are judged by a panel of indexers, academics and library/information professionals. Click here for a list of winners and outstanding indexes 10-62-2008.


Henry Wheatley, founder of the Index Society
The Wheatley Medal is named after him

Do You Dunk?

August 13, 2009

30 more well-known Brits you’ve probably never heard of

August 13, 2009


Dear DMC

I have heard of Adam Clarke – I had the pleasure of walking over his bridge a few months ago – but am happy to confirm that the others on this list are indeed unknown.


Steve Reszetniak
(not at all well known)


Dear Steve

We appreciate receiving this.

As for your overly modest comment that you are not at all well known, we beg to differ with you, at least as regards the DMC. You are well known to our readers. You are a frequent contributor. We welcome frequent contributors.