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Job Title Stretching

March 24, 2010

Communications Executive

Dear DMC

Here are some fantastic job titles, some of which also go with a fantastic job.


Steve Reszetniak

(BTW I rejoice in the comfortingly dull title of “Senior Policy Adviser”.)


Dear Steve,

This reminds me of when I lived in New York as a younger man attending singles parties — I never met a girl who was a secretary. The closest I got was sometimes meeting an Executive Secretary. More often, however, I’d meet an Assistant to the President, sometimes even a Vice President for Administration.

Then I moved to Washington. The titles got longer — usually something like Deputy Assistant Under Secretary for [ fill in the blank ].



Over or under, that’s the question

January 7, 2010

Should we discuss this imporant issue?

Please email us your thoughts, using the Leave a Comment button below.

Master the Dash – — – — – — – DMC Meeting Topic

September 21, 2009

— – – — – – — – –

Dear Grover,

I have an idea for a meeting topic. (I almost called it a “great idea” but then realized it would be over the top for a dull man like myself to say such a thing.)

The idea comes from an article I came across this morning on wikiHow. Click here for their “How to Use a Dash in an English Sentence.”

Members should read the article before the meeting. Then write example of how they use em dashes, en dashes, and hyphens. Bring the examples to the meeting. Discuss. We hope the discussions will not be too heated.

Graham Marr
Cincinnati, Ohio

“Any fool can criticize, condemn, and

September 8, 2009

complain — most fools do.” Dale Carnagie, American author and lecturer.


Dale Carnegie
(Possibly a DMC member?)

How to dull down shiny shoes

July 31, 2009


Dear DMC,

Useful instructions on how to dull a shiny black shoe because dull men should NEVER wear shiny shoes:

Twodot, Montana

DMC Meeting Topic Suggestion: A4 versus Letter Size

July 31, 2009


DMC Meeting Topic Suggestion: Firefox versus Safari

July 30, 2009

Firefox versus Safari

For one of your Dull Men’s Club meetings, assuming you have Mac users as members, we’d like to suggest a round robin discussion of web browsers, Firefox versus Safari.

Two advantages I came across today is that Safari, but not Firefox, number the pages (lower right corner) and date printed (upper right corner).

Helvetica versus Arial: discussion topic for one of your DMC Meetings

July 6, 2009


This topic will no doubt provoke a livly discussion among your memgers.

Background information for this:

To find out more about enjoying the dull life, enjoying the ordinary, go to

Bernard’s call for faucet consistency — regulation needed

July 1, 2009


Dear DMC,

This guy is pretty dull, but also really funny:

I thought y’all might enjoy it.

Austin, Texas


Dear Steve,

This is great. I did indeed enjoy it. I watched it three times. I expect other members will enjoy it as well.

I support Bernard’s call for faucet consistency. As I live most of the year in the U.K., I am particularly aware of this need. The separate taps in the U.K., pictured above, are annoying. As far as I can figure out, the reason the Brits use separate taps is because the French use a mixed tap, like in the U.S.

Churchill discovered a marvel of modern technology: hot and cold water flowing from the same faucet when visting Stalin in 1942. Read about this here:

Sincerely (dull me are always sincere, mostly),