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Dull/Dumb Joke from Iceland

April 22, 2010

Did you hear that Iceland misunderstood?

As there is no letter “c’ in the Icelandic alphabet, Iceland misunderstood when England said to Iceland, in response to financial manipulations of Iceland’s companies in the UK, “Send us cash.”


Irish Bean Soup — limit on the beans

November 22, 2009

Dear DMC,

I heard this on Garrison Keillor’s A Prairie Home Companion last night. It’s proably an oldie/goldie to some. It was to me but I laughed again. It may be thought to be too risque for dull men but, if it wasn’t too risque for A Prairie Home Companion, it should OK for dull men.

“Do you know why recipies for Irish Bean Soup say no more than 239 beans?”

“It’s beause, if you put in one more bean, it would be two farty.”

Best regards,

Joe K.
Ogallala, Nebraska

Grover’s favorite pun joke

November 9, 2009


I was walking through Vienna’s main cemetery,  Zentralfriedhof. Beethoven is buried there.

I heard music. It sounded like Beethoven, except a little different.

I asked a friend, an Austrian, who was with me whether it was Beethoven. He said it was. The Fifth Symphony.

“But it’s being played backwards.,” the friend said. “It’s Beethoven decomposing.”