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Owls and Owl Man happy again—ban a false alarm

August 15, 2010

Further to our blog entry about Russel Burt’s walking his owls [click here], the Plymouth City Council has now explained that they were only having “an informal chat” with Mr. Burt and that they do “not think he was breaking any type of law by taking his owl for a walk.”

Mr. Burt then said, “I am very pleased. I will start walking my owls to the park again on Monday. it is fine for the Council to give advice but I think I know more about the welfare of my owls than the Council’s Dog Warden does.”

Comments on the follow up news have been: “Good result. Anything else would hae been an ‘owling disgrace.’ As it is though, it’s a bit of a hoot.” “It is commendable to see that common sense has prevailed.” “Owls well that ends well.”

Click here to read a news bulletin from the Council about this brouhaha.


Owl Walking—man runs afowl of town council

August 14, 2010

Dear DMC

Taking your owls for a walk – a suitably dull activity? Or just asking for trouble?

Such questions often arise at this time of year, generally known as the “silly season”.


Steve Reszetniak


Dear Steve,

Owl Walking should not be banned. It’s a fine form of Safe Excitement. We’ll add this our list of key issues. It’ll be right up there along with other issues such as slow down the London Eye, stop the closing of Rest Areas in the U.S., and restore the right to dry (

What is the council up to? Protecting owl rights? A council member apparently said that, as owls are nocturnal creatures, the council is concerned about their welfare, that exposing them to loud, hectic environments during the day could raise issues.

Hopefully, now with the government budget cutbacks, council staff will be trimmed, and those who remain will be occupied with sensible matters.

We see in the article referred to in the BBC article you referred us to mentions that the man, Russell Burt lives in Plympton, Devon and is known as the Owl Man, has seven owls: Ben, Spot, Mika, Scoppy, Misty, Chas, and Scruff.

Ben is a Bengal eagle owl. Spot is an African spotted eagle owl. Mika is a tawny owl Russell rescued after a road accident. Scoopy is an African white-faced scops owl. Misty, has, and Scruff are barn owls.

Sincerely (dull men are always sincere, mostly),

Button Down, Hampshire

Liberians on Strike in Southampton

August 13, 2010

Librarians in Southampton are on strike because of budget cuts, particularly the government’s plans to replace paid staff with volunteers.

They also are upset about plans to close libraries in Thornhill and Millbrook.

Click here to get to a BBC news article about this.

BBC Quote of Day: more knocking Comic Sans

July 22, 2010

Dear Grover

You may be amused by this:



—  —  —

Dear Steve,

Amazing that a company thinks banning comic sans will enhance its reputation, that comic sans should be relegated to lemonade stands. (more…)

More on the Great TP Debate — Over or Under?

July 14, 2010

Dear DMC,

I found a Wikipedia page that should be appreciated by our men.

It’s all about toilet paper orientation, and it runs to 7,896 words, with 115 references:


Peter, UK

— — — — — — —


Thanks for the link to this informative Wikipedia page. It will be a helpful reference tool to have on hand at Dull Men’s Club meetings when toilet paper orientation is the topic for discussion. I expect it will cause the discussion to last longer — and be even more dull.

As chance would have it, I opened your email as I was waiting for a flight from Washington to Denver. Then, on the plane, I saw the solution to the age-old dilemma in the toilet on the plane. Thanks for the creative thinking of Continental Airlines, here’s the solution:



Ban the comic sans font? You must be joking

June 26, 2010

Dear DMC

Here’s a link to a strangely lively article about the Comic Sans font. (Opinions vary, but it looks a bit funny to me.)


Steve Reszetniak


Dear Steve,

What will self-appointed do-gooders think of next? Can you think of anything more innocuous than  a font? Especially the comic sans font. A harmless font. A friendly looking font.

We have freedom speech and freedom of religion. Why not freedom of fonts?



Oil Spill Web Cams—new way of WebCam Traveling—knowing where to travel to avoid Gulf Oil Spill spread

June 21, 2010

This will be added to our website’s page for Webcam Traveling.

Tony Hayward, BP CEO, now at posh Isle of Wight yacht race, far from Gulf Oil Spill

June 19, 2010

Dear Grover,

I read your posting about dull men and other “small people” on the beaches on the Gulf, trying to do the ordinary, simple things they enjoy doing, now less enjoyable thanks to BP..

I see in the NY Daily News “BP CEO Tony Hayward attends posh English yacht race as a break from Gulf oil spill crisis.”

And the New York Times “BP Chief Draws Outrage for Attending Yacht Race.”

While the Small People try to cope with the Gulf Oil Spill, the Big People fly away on private jets to have a grand time showing off their wealth.

Which proves once again that life is not fair.


Robert Hazelhurst
Washington DC

Gulf Oil Spill—Tony Hayward is not alone in wanting his life back—Dull Men (“Small People”?) do too

June 19, 2010

Many dull men are affected by the oil spill. There a many men who enjoy what might be called “dull” activities along the Gulf’s beaches. Watching the tide coming in and going out, for example. Collecting sea shells is another example. Even collecting sand  (click here to see a nice sand collection).

Risotto Rebellion

May 2, 2010

We dull men like risotto. Risotto is an ordinary food, usually. That’s why we are surprised to read about a Risotto Rebellion  — MailOnline’s article, “The risotto rebellion: Anger of Delia fans left gagging on her ‘vile Waitrose seafood recipe.”

It’s unfortunate this is happening. One of our favorite cooking articles in Delia’s “How to boil an egg” on deliaonline. Her instructions for boiling eggs are simple, yet complete; we like that.

One reason we like to boil eggs is we like to watch the water come to a boil. It’s not true, as you probably know, that a watched pot never boils — in fact, it has been proven scientifically on a YouTube video that water in a watched pot  boils.