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Safe Excitement in Dublin

May 14, 2010

May 12-14 I visited Dublin. Had a great time. Here are highlights:

Watching luggage arrive at the Dublin airport (DUB). Happiness when traveling is your luggage arriving.

We see here the luggage carousel is moving clockwise. The information on our airport luggage carousel report for DUB, which presently says its carousels rotate counterclockwise, needs to be amended. The earlier report apparently was wrong. Trust but verify.


Stunning park benches in St. Stephen’s Green


When leaving Dublin, at DUB heading to the plane, I passed “The Buff Shop” where I not only enjoyed watching shoe shining, I also smiled at the fine example of Irish wit


Park Bench: Royal Hospital Chelsea

August 6, 2009

London Five Star - 127

A lovely bench. Think of all those Chelsea pensioners in their smart outfits who have perched on this over the years.