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The Great British Duck Race — Postponed? Why?

August 17, 2010

The event’s website says that, due to circumstances beyond their coutnrol, it became necessary to pospnt the 2010 race until further notice.

Can someone let us know what those circumstances are? We would like to help get them back under control.


Turtle Derby in Canada cancelled, too exciting for visitors

August 10, 2010

Dear DMC,

Here is the link to a small town’s tourism page:

The major attractions are (more…)

Extreme Lawnmower Racing?

May 24, 2010

Dear DMC

Dull men may find this a disturbing development. 88 mph is surely 87 more than strictly necessary.


Steve Reszetniak


Dear Steve,

Disturbing development indeed. We include Lawnmower Racing in the Racing page of But we think lawnmowers should be raced at a reasonable pace. Dull men like to be reasonable. Driving a lawnmower 88 mph is not reasonable. It’s extreme. It falls into the same category as Extreme IroningWe don’t like extreme sports — even if it’s Extreme Ironing, extremists ironing on top of mountains, in the middle of rivers, and in the middle of Antarctica.

March 6: Chicago’s 5th Annual Shopping Cart Race

March 6, 2010

For information, click here:

Fifth Annual Chiditatod, Saturday March 6, 12:30 p.m.

The Chiditarod, according to its organizers (and we have no reason not to believe them), is the world’s largest shopping cart race. The Chiditarod got its inspiration from the Iditarod. But, instead of sleds, the Chiditarod is a race of shopping carts. Instead of being propelled by dogs, the carts are propelled by people. Instead of Alaska, Chicago.

The race is also a charity event — a food drive. Each cart must finish the finish line with 40 or more pounds of food. The food is distributed to Chicago’s disadvantaged.

Jan. 26: Australia Day Cockroach Races

January 26, 2010

Click here for race information

Running of the Squirrels

November 20, 2009

Dear Grover,

I came across a video of Running with the Squirrels. You and your Dull Men’s Club was the first thing that came to mind. Click here to view it. Let me know what you think.


Jeff Chang


Dear Jeff,

Thanks for this. It can the alternative to Running with the Bulls for us.

Sincerely (dull men are always sincere, mostly),


Santa Fe

2009 Submarine Racing World Championships

November 14, 2009

Submarine Racing

[To view more races and other activities we
Dull Men like, visit out website]

October 17-18: Woolly Worm Festival

October 17, 2009


In Banner Elk, North Carolina. Click here for info.


Click here to read about the Worm Races at the festival.

Banana Slug Derby, Prairie Creek Park, California

September 22, 2009


One of the slowest races on earth:

From Bob Adcock.


Thanks Bob.

I googled. I found a page about the race, click here to get to the page. It has a sunning picture of a slug racing though the woods, about to hurdle over a small log:


Pigeon faster than South Africa’s Telkom

September 10, 2009

Click here for breaking news about this on Reuters

A great example of the tortoise beating the hare.

Winston, a pidgeon, eleven months old, took one hour and eight mintes to fly with data on a card strapped to his leg 50 miles from the infomration technology company Unlimited IT’s offices near Pietermaritzburg to Durban. The company also trasnfered the date via a Telkom line.

Including the time to download the data on his leg, Winston’s total transfer time was two hours, six minutes, and 57 seven seconds. In this amount of time, four percent of the data sent on the Telkom line had been transferred.

Pigeon racing fans, like members of The Royal Pigeon Racing Association and other pigeon-loving groups, no doubt will be celebrating.

Royal Society of Pigeon Racing

Click here to get to the RPRA’s website

Also, to read about Pigeon Racing and similar races, click here to get to the Racing Page of the Dull Men’s Club website.