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Names for four new roundabouts in Weymouth

August 17, 2010

BBC News Article — “Votes on Olympic roundabout names in Weymouth” — reports that local residents are being asked to pick names for four new roundabouts being built as part of an £87 million relief road ahead of the 2012 Olympics.

The deadline for this is August 23.

The Dorset County Council member for transport said, “Since construction began, the roundabouts have been referred to using their location and normally construction engineers name a roundabout based on where it is or something near by, which can lead to some rather dull names.”

But what’s wrong with dull names?

The council member went on to explain that Weymouth is rich in history and has the best in both sea and countryside. It is on the Jurassic Coast. It is sorrounded by outstanding natural beauty. There are amazing archaeological and geological finds from the road building itself. Local people will be inspired to choose names.


Triangleabout replacing roundabout

January 8, 2010

Dear DMC.

As a former employee of Nottingham City Council I was pleased to see this innovation in roundabout design. It’s reassuring to see that it is due to entirely practical considerations and not some highway engineers whim, although as a rule they tend not to be particularly whimsical. When the work is finished, I’ll send you a picture. :

Rick Simpkin


Thanks Rick. We look forward to the picture once the work is finished.

We Googled and found a BBC article with a nice drawing of the traigleabout, which we posted at the top of this page. The URL for the BBC article is:


Halifax, Nova Scotia’s Five-Finger Roundabout

November 17, 2009

Dear DMC,

Have a roundabout (rotary) for you – the Armdale Rotary in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada:,-63.619756&spn=0.002813,0.005032&t=k&om=1

Barry Dunn

Traffic islands in roundabout—Faro, Portugal

November 12, 2009

New folder 4 001

New folder 4 002


In Faro, Portugal, near the airport, is a proper roundabout.

Nothing moves, nothing happens, perfect.

Attached find photos.

Jim Hope




Thanks. These are great pictures. What a great way for Faro to be greeting visitors arriving by air.


Invitation to our Roundabouting Page

October 14, 2009

Ron Dabout

Ron Dabout, member Dull Men’s Club, enjoying a roundabout in Basingstoke, “Roundabout City

Please visit out Roundabouting Page. And send us
any contributions you might have for it.

Ron Dabout in U.S.Ron enjoying a roundabout in Avon Colorado,
Roundabout Capital of the Rockies

Columbus Circle — world’s first roundabout

August 18, 2009


Am in New York today. Putting up at the New York Athletic Club, birthplace of the DMC. i like to stay here not only because of that but because of the view from my room of Columbus circle.

Why I like to go to the gym

August 13, 2009


I like to go to the gym because there’s a great view of a roundabout from the treadmills. The gym is Parkwood on the east edge of Salisbury.

List of Roundabouts in U.S. and Canada

August 5, 2009

Roundabout sparks Hitler controversy in Poland: roundabout versus tree

July 8, 2009


Dull men avoid controersy. So when we heard about the roundabout and tree in Poland, our ears perked up. We like rountaouts. Driving around roundatonts — roundaaouting — is a favorite form of safe excitement for us. We like trees too. We like to watch them grow.

But aren’t roundabouts and trees compatible? Why can’t the roundabout go around the tree?

For info from NPR (National Public Radio in the U.S.) about this: