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Breaking News—Hunt on for snail that hitchhiked to England over 100 years ago

August 26, 2010

Hot off the press, click here

We’re looking more into this . . . and will be writing more . . . stay tuned


Turbo Entabulator—facinating machine

August 19, 2010

Dear Grover,

I was wandering around the web this morning and came across an interesting You Tube presentation about a fascinating new machine, the Turbo Entabulator.

Fellow dull men may like to watch the video as much as I do. I have watched it three times, so far.

At Dull Men’s Club meetings, it will be fun to watch this. And then discuss the various jobs that can be assigned to it.

Juan Durr
New York

Watching Cement Mixing in Hampshire

August 18, 2010

Last Sunday, on the way to a birthday party in Andover, I stopped by the relocated model live steam train layout south of The Hampshire Golf Court, on the north side of A3420 that runs to Wherwell. They were building more roadbed out in the woods. They were making cement using the mixer shown above. I watched them put cement, water, and gravel into the mixer, then turn on the mixer. I enjoyed watching the cement mixing.

Below is a picture of their turntable. No trains were running that day due to the work they were doing.

I like not only to watch cement mixing. If  I have the time, I like to watch the cement set.

If you would like to enjoy cement, you can click here to get to the posting about cement on the Safe Excitement section of our website. Especially enjoyable is to use the link to the sound track of a Jaeger Tilting Mixer mixing — great rhythm.

Button Down, Hampshire

The Great British Duck Race — Postponed? Why?

August 17, 2010

The event’s website says that, due to circumstances beyond their coutnrol, it became necessary to pospnt the 2010 race until further notice.

Can someone let us know what those circumstances are? We would like to help get them back under control.

Duggleby Weather Station

August 17, 2010

Dear DMC

This work of this site was featured on BBC TV this morning. It’s an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to know the weather in Duggleby, North Yorkshire. I have a funny feeling that quite a few of us will want to know.


Steve Reszetniak
(Many miles south of Yorkshire)

Dear Steve,

I saw this too today on BBC. It made my day. I often wonder about weather in Duggleby. As it is has its own microclimate, the national forcasts usually get it wrong when it comes to Duggleby.

As you know, we dull men like to watch the weather channel. It’s Safe Excitement for us. It’s in the Safe Excitement section of our website, click here to view.

Owls and Owl Man happy again—ban a false alarm

August 15, 2010

Further to our blog entry about Russel Burt’s walking his owls [click here], the Plymouth City Council has now explained that they were only having “an informal chat” with Mr. Burt and that they do “not think he was breaking any type of law by taking his owl for a walk.”

Mr. Burt then said, “I am very pleased. I will start walking my owls to the park again on Monday. it is fine for the Council to give advice but I think I know more about the welfare of my owls than the Council’s Dog Warden does.”

Comments on the follow up news have been: “Good result. Anything else would hae been an ‘owling disgrace.’ As it is though, it’s a bit of a hoot.” “It is commendable to see that common sense has prevailed.” “Owls well that ends well.”

Click here to read a news bulletin from the Council about this brouhaha.

Owl Walking—man runs afowl of town council

August 14, 2010

Dear DMC

Taking your owls for a walk – a suitably dull activity? Or just asking for trouble?

Such questions often arise at this time of year, generally known as the “silly season”.


Steve Reszetniak


Dear Steve,

Owl Walking should not be banned. It’s a fine form of Safe Excitement. We’ll add this our list of key issues. It’ll be right up there along with other issues such as slow down the London Eye, stop the closing of Rest Areas in the U.S., and restore the right to dry (

What is the council up to? Protecting owl rights? A council member apparently said that, as owls are nocturnal creatures, the council is concerned about their welfare, that exposing them to loud, hectic environments during the day could raise issues.

Hopefully, now with the government budget cutbacks, council staff will be trimmed, and those who remain will be occupied with sensible matters.

We see in the article referred to in the BBC article you referred us to mentions that the man, Russell Burt lives in Plympton, Devon and is known as the Owl Man, has seven owls: Ben, Spot, Mika, Scoppy, Misty, Chas, and Scruff.

Ben is a Bengal eagle owl. Spot is an African spotted eagle owl. Mika is a tawny owl Russell rescued after a road accident. Scoopy is an African white-faced scops owl. Misty, has, and Scruff are barn owls.

Sincerely (dull men are always sincere, mostly),

Button Down, Hampshire

A Dull Man’s To-Do List for Friday the 13th

August 12, 2010

Dear DMC,

Friday (tomorrow) the Thirteenth:

1)  Join the neighborhood “Society Of Growing Grass Watchers” (my yard this month)

2)  Count ants frolicking in the pool after splashing them off the patio with a wave produced by flinging a flower pot into the shallow end

30)  Finiish this message

E. Jerome “Jerry” Koran
Pompano, Florida

August 12: Vinyl Record Day

August 12, 2010

What to Dull Men do to celebrate Vinyl Record Day? Many of us get out our old records players for 33 rpm and 45 rpm records. We play the records. We not only do we listen to the music, we watch the records going around and around.It’s a fine form of Safe Excitement.

Click here to watch and listen to a 45 rpm, with its larger spindle, playing on YouTube:

Two Fonts Walk into a Bar

July 30, 2010

Dear DMC

I found this joke on the BBC magazine website:


Unfortunately it has three exclamation marks.

A Helvetica and a Verdana walk into a bar. The barman says “Oi! Get out! We don’t want your type in here!” From Keith Chegwin, London


Steve Reszetniak