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Caravan Clubs Museum

August 6, 2009

Isn’t there an apostrophe missing in this name? Should it not be Caravan Club’s Museum?

Go to Old Classic Cars for more details. Click here.


Typo Spotting by Dave in Colorado

July 2, 2009

Dear DMC,

There is a typo is the recipe. the word “need” is omitted before approximately.

Also, on the front page, month is spelled wrong. It’s currently spelled “momth”

Dave Carlson
Littleton, Colorado


Dear Dave,

Touché. There is a typo in your email to us — the lower case “t” for the letter of the email’s second sentence.

But we will reward you anyway. How would you like a DMC cap or T-shirt? Mailing address for sending this is? If a T-shirt, what size?



Typo Spotting by Pete in Florida

July 2, 2009

Dear DMC,

Letting you know of a typo on the home page:

“Please e-mail themusing our form”

You left a space out of the sentence [exclamation point removed]

Best Regards,

Pete Wheeler
Valrico, Florida


Dear Pete,

Thanks for spotting this. Please note, however, that you used an exclmation point in your email to us. We hope you don’t mind — we delted it.

We would like to reward you with a DMC cap or T-shirt. Which do you prefer, and, if a T-shirt, what size? Address we mail this to is?