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Turtle Derby in Canada cancelled, too exciting for visitors

August 10, 2010

Dear DMC,

Here is the link to a small town’s tourism page:

The major attractions are (more…)


Oil Spill Web Cams—new way of WebCam Traveling—knowing where to travel to avoid Gulf Oil Spill spread

June 21, 2010

This will be added to our website’s page for Webcam Traveling.

Road Traffic Reports

May 15, 2010


I was wondering whether you would be interested in linking to my website from your page?

Frixo is a road traffic reporting site and think it may be a useful resource for your readers. It provides users with live traffic information and gets updated every 3 minutes using various road sensors.

Thank you for your consideration.

Kind Regards,


Safe Excitement in Dublin

May 14, 2010

May 12-14 I visited Dublin. Had a great time. Here are highlights:

Watching luggage arrive at the Dublin airport (DUB). Happiness when traveling is your luggage arriving.

We see here the luggage carousel is moving clockwise. The information on our airport luggage carousel report for DUB, which presently says its carousels rotate counterclockwise, needs to be amended. The earlier report apparently was wrong. Trust but verify.


Stunning park benches in St. Stephen’s Green


When leaving Dublin, at DUB heading to the plane, I passed “The Buff Shop” where I not only enjoyed watching shoe shining, I also smiled at the fine example of Irish wit

Basildon — will be more glamourous?

March 29, 2010

Dear DMC,

They say, “We’re not doing this to try to make Basildon more glamorous”

How could they indeed?


Steve Reszetniak

Reopening Rest Areas in Arizona?

March 19, 2010

A closed Rest Area in Arizona

Click on these links to read about steps being taken — and the issues — to reopen closed Rest Areas in Arizona:

Pathetic Motorways

March 18, 2010
Dear DMC,
Is this site one you would like to link to? Pathetic Motorways is dedicated to those motorways within the United Kingdom and Ireland that are not, perhaps, the greatest feats of engineering ever seen. It’s designed to combine fun with some serious research about the motorway network, including some plans that never got off the ground. You will find no speculation here, just cold hard facts.

Peter Foster
Reading, Berkshire


Dear Peter,

Yes, this is a site we will link to. And enjoy. Thanks.

I see that the site is dedicated to motorways that don’t get the limelight. Sounds like us dull men, right?



Moss Appreciation Society

March 3, 2010

From the Moss Appreciation Society’s Photo Gallery

Dear Mr. Click,

Would you kindly tell dull men abou the Moss Appreciation Society on Facebook? I am President and Founder, and I would be mildly pleased if more dull men and femail fans knew about our group.

Thank you.

Carol Brendler


Dear Mrs. Brendler,

We certainluy will tell the dull men, as well as anyone else viewing our website http://www.dull,, about he Moss Appreciation Society.

We looked at the society’s website. Especally its stunning photos of moss.

Sincerely (dull men are always sincere, mostly),


Ladies’ Loo on ANA—is this fair?

February 26, 2010

Click here to read about this in the New York Times.

Click here to read about this on ANA’s website.

Enjoying fireplace at Grove Park Inn

February 21, 2010

Fireplace — 14 feet wide — in Main Hall at Grove Park Inn
Asheville, North Carolina

Am at the Grove Park Inn for a few days. The full name of the place is Grove Park Inn Resort and Spa. This much to do here: golf, swimming pools, sports complex and fitness center, gormet dining.

But what I enjoy most is simply sitting in one of the great Arts & Crafts rocking chairs, probably a Stickley, in front of the fireplace.

I can still enjoy this even after I leave here — and you can too — by clicking on this link to their website, which has a view — and the sound — of the fireplace.

The fireplace is also on YouTube. You can see the hotel staff feeding stoking the fire. Unfortunately, the crackling of the fire is drowned out by the noise from the bar area.